Elpro Video Labs – Special products

CA 102
Video changeover
CA102 is an automatic changeover for PAL Black Burst reference signals

LIN 101
RS232/Ethernet bidirectional converter

LIN01 is a bidirectional RS232/Ethernet 10 baseT converter. It lets to interface, via TCP/IP LAN protocols, all ELPRO devices equipped with RS232 interface 
LIN 102
Dry contacts LAN interface
LIN02   LIN102 permits the command, by LAN or by RS232 serial line, of 4 low power relays. In addition it can acts the bidirectional conversion RS232 / Ethernet 10baseT

LIN 103 8 SCHUKO Sockets/LAN interfaceLIN103 allows the command by LAN or by RS232 of 8 Schuko sockets.
Main input 230 Vac 50 Hz (110 Vac 60 Hz on request)

pdf2-5962984 How to install LIN10x family

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