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The transceivers belonging to this family carry up to 50m a digital DVI-D signal through a CAT6 cable.

Compactness, cheapness and reliability are their characteristics.

They sink the supply directly from the DVI connection, therefore they don’t need the external Power Supply.

02 – VGA, USB, KVM, RS232, IR Extender

The transceivers belonging to this family carry up to 300 m UXGA, Audio and K+M signals through a CAT5/6 cable.

Audio may be analog on stereo 3.5 mm jack or digital on RCA pin or Optical. Transmitters with 4 and 10 CAT5/6 outputs are offered and separated receiver as well. Receivers are fit up of Gain and Equalizer trimmers.

The most advanced receiver is provided of a digital skew corrector in order to obtain a perfect alignment of the RGB colours.

Most of the transmitters offer the VGA looping input to permit the monitoring of the carried signal.

03 – CV, Component, Audio Extender

The transceivers belonging to this family carry up to 600 m Composite (CV), Component (YPbPr and YcbCr) and Audio signals through a CAT5 cable.

Audio may be analog on RCA or stereo on 3.5 mm jack or digital on RCA pin (Coax).

The interface by transformer permits the de-coupling of the ground and an excellent signal to noise ratio.

The devices don’t need of the external Power Supply.

04 – Ground Loop Isolator

The devices belonging to this family permit to eliminate the low frequency noise audible from the loudspeakers and visible on monitors due to the ground loop between source and destination.

These devices are passive and don’t need of the external Power Supply.

05 – IP Extender

The transceivers belonging to this family permit to carry the IP signal of a Camera or Video Server towards a PC through a Coax cable or a CAT5 cable.

The passive transceivers allow the distance of 180 m of coax cable, whereas the active transceivers allow the distance of 1,6 km of coax cable or 1 km of CAT5 cable.

Coax cable RG6 (AWG18) and AWG24 CAT5 solid are recommended.

06 – HDMI Transceivers

This HExxx family of transceivers and Routing Switchers is suited to route and bring at various distances through a CAT6 cable an HDMI signal.

Some transceivers belong to the high performances category and are able to manage 48 bit deep colour and carry the HDMI signal through 100 m. of CAT6 cable. They implement the HDBaseT™ technology.

Although the transceivers work properly with CAT5E, CAT6 UTP, STP or FTP cables, to get maximum performances it’s advisable to use the CAT6 AWG23 or AWG24 STP cable.

07 – Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors is a family of devices suited to protect network and video devices from heavy EM interferences and lightning strikes as well.

They have to be installed mainly when mains cables lie close to signal cables.

The family of Distributors SHE has been developed for the needs of the European market and includes HDMI distributors with 4K2K resolution, HDCP compatible DVI distributors and VGA distributors with an excellent audio bandwidth and optimal output power for VGA cables of medium lenght.

09 – HDMI, DVI Switchers

The SHE Switchers, developed for the needs of the European market, consists of two families, HDMI and DVI-D.

The DVI-D family is offered with analog audio, digital audio or without combined Audio.

The HDMI family is equipped with two interesting features that place these switchers to the top of the category: Auto-switches and Auto-Jump.

10 – HDMI, HDBaseT™ Matrix Switchers

The family of SHE Matrix Switchers consists of several units with various sizes which manage both HDMI and HDBaseT™ signals. Sometimes the two technologies are combined.

These devices offer the possibility to route the IR and the RS232 signals as well.

They can be commanded by the integrated keypad, associated to an interactive display, by IR Control, by RS232, by GUI and Telnet and by Android app too.

11 – Converters, Scalers & Miscellaneous

This category includes all the products not mentioned in the previous families. At this time is offered a devices for managing HDMI signal conversion.

12 – HDMI, DVI, VGA over IP

The main goal of this family is to send and distribute HDMI, DVI and VGA signals over LAN. Currently HDMI 3D and 4K2K are not supported.

It is suited for large scale remote HD content access, security monitoring systems and digital signage applications.

The whole system support support bi-directional RS232, IR and analog audio. Some models support USB KM (Keyboard / Mouse) remoting.

One pair can work as well in point-to-point application with a simple connection by CAT5e/CAT6/7 cable. For transmission through LAN, use IGMP and 8K Jumbo frame packets Gigabit Switch.

The devices can act as Distributor, Switcher and/or Matrix, depending on the type of the connections and their relative configurations. Besides, can work with any combination on HDMI, DVI, VGA transmitters and receivers and supports up to 16 transmitters and 254 receivers, based on the number of ports on your network switch.

13 – Optical Solutions

Fiber Optics is the only alternative when distances that need to be covered are greater than those that allow the standard cable or when we need to pass-through an ambiance that is especially affected by electrical noise.

In this family, transceivers for HDMI, DVI-D and 3G-SDI signals are offered.

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