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The HDTV Distributors and Switchers family deals with Y, Pb, Pr analog signal and associated SPDIF.

The 4×1 switcher and 4×4 matrix can also be operated by IR and RS232.

02 – HDMI Distributors

HDMI Distributors of the CLUX line are fully compatible with the v1.3 standard and represent the more advanced solution for HDMI digital signals distribution.

Outputs are buffered and can control HDMI cables up to a total length of 15 m.

03 – HDMI Switchers

HDMI Switchers of the CLUX line are fully compatible with the v1.3 standard.

Some types can also be operated by IR and/or RS232.

04 – HDMI & DVI Matrix Switchers

HDMI Matrix Switchers can be found in 2×2, 4×2, 4×4 and 8×8 format.

The most recent models are compatible with HDMI 1.4 and adopt the HDBaseT™ technology.

All models can be operated by IR and RS232.

05 – DVI Distributors & Switchers

DVI Distributors, found in the 1×4 and 1×8 format can be cascaded up to 3 levels and can control cables up to a total length of 15 m.

All Switchers of this kind, proposed in the 3×1 and 8×1 format, can be operated by IR and the 8×1 model also by RS232.

06 – DP (DisplayPort) – Distributors

DP family manages signals belonging to DP standard 1.1 version.

Some distributors and one converter from DP to HDMI are offered.

07 – Scan Converters

Scan Converters are devices used for frequencies conversion of a graphic signal from a PC to a signal compatible with the Pal or NTSC TV standards.

Output signals are of the composite type (CV), S-VHS (Y/C) or component (RGB o Y, Pb, Pr).

Three models of Scan Converters are available which cover a wide range of applications.

08 – Scalers

Scalers are devices which can convert a TV signal of the composite type (CV), S-VHS (Y/C) or component (Y, Cb, Cr) into an High Resolution signal such as RGBHV or Y,Pb, Pr.

Some of the models available can receive and transform also graphic signals for resolution changes.

Due to the HDMI importance, a model is also available that can deal with HDMI signal both on the input and output.

09 – Signal Format Converters

Signal Format Converters are devices used to convert a signal format while keeping its rate unchanged.

Special importance is given to the HDMI format for which 3 Converters are available.

The Pal/Ntsc/Secam Converters and the SCART to YUV original Converter are especially important.

Audio processors are a group of devices suited to manage the Audio signal to make it compatible with all the applications.

This family includes 2 Volume Leveler and 2 A to D and D to A converters.

11 – Generators

Signal Generators are devices which generate a series of standard patterns used to test monitors and other video equipment.

Three kinds of generators are available which work on the PC or analog HDTV signals, DVI and HDMI.

The HDMI Generator, also controlled by IR and RS232, offers a wide range of 39 different patterns including an HDCP one.

12 – HDMI Transceivers

This family of transceivers brings at various distances through a CAT6 cable an HDMI signal.

Four types of transceivers are offered, starting from the most basic CH-107-TX/RX that carries the HDMI only, to the most sophisticated CH-1109-TX/RX that carries the HDMI, RS232, IR and IP.

The achievable distances, with 1080p resolution, start from 45 m to 90 m using AWG23 CAT6 cable.

Mixed devices are also availble, with standard HDMI inputs and CAT6 outputs. This is the case of a simple distributor like the CLUX-1H4CAT or a matrix like the CLUX-4H4CAT.

In this case it’s necessary, to complete the system, to add a number of CAT6 receivers equal to the outputs of the transmitter.

In the family is offered as well an optical transceiver capable to carry the HDMI signal up to 300 m.

13 – HDMI Over IP

It may be useful for the installer to transmit the HDMI signals via an existing LAN rather than through a point-to-point connection with CAT5 / CAT6.

In general, this presents difficulties due to the large bandwidth required by full HD and 4K.

However, even with caution, the state of the current technology allows us to approach the problem with some confidence.

14 – Personal Video Recorder

The Personal Video Recorder is a family of products designed for storing video images on solid memory or HDD disk.

The images can then be displayed on a monitor or projector. Their typical application is in the environment of Digital Signage.

15 – Micro System Control

The family called Micro System Control is composed of a series of devices designed for the automated control of the conference and / or presentation rooms.

The typical control system has an IR input for learning, IR ports outputs, threshold inputs for “trigger” events, outputs by relays for external actuations as well as two COM ports.

The devices presented in this section offer these “features” in an organic way and allow the user to select the equipment best suited to his needs.

Matrices with an integrated control system and HDMI and HDBaseT outputs are also offered.

16 – Optical Solutions

Fiber Optics is the only alternative when distances that need to be covered are more than cables allow, or when we need to cross an ambiance that is especially infected from the electrical noise.

Transceivers for both HDMI and 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals are offered.

17 – Miscellaneous

This category includes all the products not mentioned in the previous families.

Devices that feature solutions in the distribution and switching of SD/HD/3G-SDI signals, digital Mixers, Video Wall solutions, CEC Controllers, HDMI Patch Panels, IR repeater on CAT5 and many others are offered.

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