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This is the most important and prestigious family in the Multiviewer domain. The diction of “Matrix Multiscreen Multiviewer” shows the capability to have n inputs and n outouts in a versatile Multiviewer system.

The n outputs (four, eight, twelve or more) can be linked to perform a “splice” effect or each of them can work as a own multiviewer with several inputs in a single output.

The MRS-1616HS is a compact, high-quality, and low-cost digital video router, suited for small and medium-sized broadcasting systems. The size is 16 inputs x 16 outputs.


MRS-3232HS is a matrix for digital signals 3G/HD/SD-SDI with high quality and low cost, which suits for broadcasting system. The size is 32 inputs x 32 outputs.


MRS-X is an innovative large router and multi-viewer display system. It is based on modular design, supports a maximum of 128 channel 3G/HD/SD/CVBS/DVI/HDMI signal source hybrid inputs, maximum 56 HDSDI/HDMI outputs.


The MRS-1616HS and MRS-3232HS are provided with a XY remote control panel. It is available on request a single bus remote control panel.


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