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Elpro Wall Plates are passive modules that permit to interface video, audio and data devices with the fixed wiring of the plants providing for a valid technical and aesthetical solution.

Modules are mountable on three types of frame for 3, 4 e 5 slots.

The frames are adaptable to the electrical European standard boxes that can be mounted on wall, table or floor (see WP0xx codes).

It´s possible as well to install the Wall Plates in a 6 positions 19″ frame, code WP070.

The cables Shelters WP080 and WP090 are suited for table or podium installation only.

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· Audio & Video

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· Frames & Blank Panels

– Provided with 2 blank modules WP060


– Provided with 2 blank modules WP060


– Provided with 2 blank modules WP060

016620elpro_wp020_1m-6966281 016820elpro_wp060_1m-7641330 016920elpro_wp065_1m-2999637

– Provided with 2 blank modules WP060


– Provided with 2 blank modules WP060


· Accessories

– Can fit 1 WP010


– Can fit 1+1 WP010


– Can fit 1+1 WP010


– Can fit 1 WP010.


· Cables & Modules Shelters

The WP080 belongs to the family of the Cables and Modules Shelter. It’s ideal for classrooms and large training facilities where several tabletop cable connections are needed.


The WP090 belongs to the family of the Cables and Modules Shelter.


· Flush Boxes w/ outgoing cables

WP92TS1000 belongs to the flush mounting table Patch Panels with electrical opening.


· Flush Boxes w/ wired connectors

WP95TSC5 belongs to the flush mounting table Patch Panels with pneumatic opening and pressure closing.


· High Frequency and Optical

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