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VE02-2 is a transceiver for VGA signal through CAT5 cable for distance up to 300 m.

The receiver presents the trimmers for Gain and Equalizer to compensate the losses of the cable.

The 3 leds on both transmitter and receiver inform the user about the status of the operations.

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  • The kit includes N°1 VE02T transmitter and N°1 VE01R receiver.
  • VGA loop through on the transmitter.
  • Distance up to 300 m at UXGA with AWG24 CAT5 cable.
  • Built in Gain and Equalizer trimmers adj. at Receiver.
  • Signalling status leds.

User Instruction Manual for VE02-2


CE Conformity document for VE02-2
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of VE02-2.


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