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WP92x Series belong to the flush mounting table Patch Panels with pneumatic opening and pressure closing.

The connection and command devices, accessible when the patch is open, go towards external world by cables outgoing from bottom of the panel.

The connection and command devices are not suited as modular device, so they are not removable.

The 230 Vac mains outgoing cable is provided with Shuko CEE7 S.S.7 plug.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications WP925
Dimensions: 156 x 130 mm. R=16
Surface Cutout: 148 x 122 mm.
Weight: 450 gr.
Depth: 110 mm.
Cable length: 1.7 m.

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  • WP925 presents the following connection devices:
  • N°1 Schuko 230 Vac 10A
  • N°1 RJ45 8 pin connector
  • N°1 HDD15 p. f.
  • N°1 Jack stereo 3.5 mm.
  • N°1 XLR 3 p. f. connector
  • N°1 Button (N.O.) w/ N°1 red led.
  • Available in black only (RAL9005).

CE Conformity document for WP925
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of WP925.


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