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CDM-150 Video system converter is designed to convert SC/PAL/SCAM input source to NTSC/PAL display.

It supports output formats switch for NTSC or PAL.

The user can easily to install and use in NTSC/PAL display.

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  • Supports digital conversion from NTSC/PAL/SCAM to NTSC/PAL.
  • To convert between 525 lines and 625 lines.
  • To convert refresh frequency between 60Hz and 50Hz.
  • Built in Color bar.
  • Output with Macovision signal when input Macrovision signal is detected.
  • System with 8 Mb field memory.

Brochure / leaflet for CDM-150:
Elpro_Cypress_08_Signal Format Converters.pdf


User Manual for Cypress CDM-150


CE Conformity document for CDM-150
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CDM-150.


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