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The DVISEL403 is a 4×1 DVI switcher suited for routing one of 4 different DVI-D input to a DVI-D output up to 1600×1200 or 1080p resolution.

For each DVI input, a stereo associated audio input is provided.

AutoSequencing, AutoSwitch and Mute functions are implemented.

It is possible to connect up to 4 unit in cascade to set up a 13×1 switcher.

A special circuitry emulates the EDID connection towards monitor, even when the source is not selected.

Technical Specifications

Inputs N°4 DVI-D inputs
Outputs N°1 DVI-D output
DVI format single link (2 pixels x clock)
Bandwidth 1.6 Gbs
Resoloution up to 1600×1200 or 1920×1080
DDC Inputs TTL +5 Vdc
Driving capability up to 15 m
Input/output connectors DVI-I 29 p.f.
Inputs N°4 unbalanced with RCA outlet
Input coupling AC
Input impedance 56KΩ
Input level +9 dBm Max
Frequency response -1 dB from 40 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk 60 dB at 5 KHz
Hum & Noise -75 dBm unweighted
Outputs N°1 Unbalanced, 150Ω with RCA outlet
N°1 Balanced, 600Ω with Phoenix screwtype
Cascade capability up to 4 units (13×1)
Auxiliary functions autoswitching, autosequencing, mute
Remote control IR, RS232
Mains inputs 90÷240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 12 VA
Size (WxDxH) 483x210x44 mm
Weight 3 kg
Operating temperature range 0÷45°C
Safety according to EN 60065
EMC according to EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2

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  • DVI resolution up to 1600×1200 (UXGA) or 1080p (HDTV)
  • 4 separate DVI inputs with combined audio
  • Setup saving and recalling
  • Cascade capability up to 13 inputs for the switcher
  • HDMI compliant through adapter
  • Up to 15 m of output driving
  • Optional IR control
  • Controlled by RS232

Brochure / leaflet for DVISEL403:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro DVISEL403


CE Conformity document for DVISEL403
CE Conformity


Application notes for DVIDEC100 and DVISEL403


Control Software for DVIPRO100, DVIPRO1000, DVIDEC100 and DVISEL403

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of DVISEL403.


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