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The 24V Power Supply is a drawer compatible with the DVR-MV/107 rack.

It does not need the Kit107 or Kit107H/2 for placement.

The drawer is alimented by a power cord with a Shuko plug.

The power supply provides 24 VDC power through a 10 position terminal mounted on the back for a total of 4A.

Each position on the terminal is protected by a 5×20 1A T fuse accessible from the frontal panel.

Grounding is floating.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Alimentatore-24V****
Mains input 230 Vac 50 Hz
Output N°10 at 24 VDC with floating ground
Total current Max. 4 A
Size (WxDxH) 350x124x73 mm
Weight 0.3 Kg
CE Mark

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