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FS104 is an optional board to be installed on CONVI104 unit.

FS104 permits the synchronization, so the genlock, of the outcoming SD-SDI signal with a reference analog signal input (REF.), that normally corresponds to the studio genlock.

FS104 manages the signal by 8 bits and double fields and provides transparent, stable and free noise SD-SDI signal.

FS104 permits, through the keypad buttons of CONVI104, the fine H phase adjustment and FREEZE function.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications FS104
Reference Pal or NTSC (autodetect)
Processing 8 bits
Delay 1 line adjustable pixel by pixel
Freeze Frame mode

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Brochure / leaflet for FS104:

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of FS104.


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