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SDZHD16 is a 16×16 HD-SDI and SD-SDI digital matrix switcher with associated analog audio. It’s also available in the 16×8 or 8×16 size.

It’s ideal for switching HD/SD-SDI signals in video studios, production center, and non linear editing suites. Each input is provided with an automatic compensation and each output is reclocked. Audio is inputs/outputs balanced type.

The matrix switcher can be controlled by integrated keyboard, by computer through RS232 or LAN and by remote panel CNS1000.

SDZHD16 performs a synchronous switching with an analog external reference (bi-level or tri-level sync) with the possibility to select the switching line.

Technical Specifications

Standard: SMPTE 259 M (143 Mbps, 177 Mbps, 270 Mbps, 360 Mbps)SMPTE 344 M (540 Mbps)

SMPTE 292 M (1483 Mbps, 1485Mbps)

Input coupling: AC,75 Ω
Inputs: 8 or 16, with equalizer up to 200 mt RG59DS (SD-SDI) or 100 m RG59DS (HD-SDI)
Input retun loss: >15 dB
Outputs: 8 or 16 with reclocker
Output amplitude: 800 mVpp/75 Ω
Ext. Synch. Reference: Analog bi-level or tri-level sync, with Loop
Input: Differential with Phoenix screwtype removable
Input coupling: AC
Input impedance: 44 KΩ differential,
22 KΩ single ended
Input level: +21 dBm Max (balanced)
Output impedance: 600 Ω
Output gain (fine adjust): 0 dB
Frequency response: ±0.10 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Harmonic distorsion: 0.2 % from 20 Hz to 20 KHz at +6dBm
Hum &: Noise: -63 dBm unweighted (worst case)
Crosstalk: 55 dB at 16 KHz (worst case)
Remote control: RS232, LAN
Main input: 90÷240 VAC
Power consumption: 25 VA
Size (WxDxH): 438x340x88mm
Weight: 5Kg
Operating temp. range: 0÷45°C
Safety: According to EN 60065
EMC: According to EN 55103-1 and
EN 55103-2

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  • Automatic selection HD-SDI/SD-SDI
  • External switching reference
  • Switching line selectable
  • Control by keyboard, RS232, LAN or remote panel CNS1000
  • 16 recallable presets
  • Balanced audio combined
  • Equalization disable selectable on each input
  • Reclocking disable selectable on each output
  • Optional redundant power supply
  • Available also in 16×8 and 8×16 sizes

Brochure / leaflet for SDZHD16:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro SDZHD16


CE Conformity document for SDZHD16
CE Conformity


User manual for LAN202 (RS232 / Ethernet interface)

Available Software:

Software to upload firmware into Elpro units

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management – Win 32bit
150727 Tibbo tdst-5-09-12-x86-01.zip

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management – Win 64bit
150727 Tibbo tdst-5-09-12-x64-01.zip

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of SDZHD16.


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