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SDZ16 is a 16×16 SD digital matrix switcher with associated analog audio.

It’s ideal for switching SD-SDI signals in video studios, production center and non linear editing suites.

Each SD input is provided with an automatic compensation and each output is reclocked.

Audio is inputs / outputs balanced type.

The matrix switcher can be commanded by integrated keyboardoard and by computer through RS232 or LAN. SDZ16 performs a synchronous switching with an analog external reference with the possibility to select the switching line (1÷16).

Technical Specifications

Standard From 143 to 360 Mbaud, SMPTE259M, 8 or 10 bits
Input coupling AC, 75Ω
Inputs N°16, with equalizer up to 200 m RG59 B/U
Input return loss >18 dB at 270 MHz
Switching on external reference line 6 default, selectable from 1 to 16
Outputs N°16, with reclocker
External Synch. Reference Analog, black burst
Input/output type Differential with Phoenix screwtype removable
Input type AC
Input impedance 44KΩ differential
22KΩ single ended
Input level 17 dBm max (balanced)
Output impedance 600Ω
Frequency response -0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk 55 dB at 16 KHz (worst case)
Hum & Noise -63 dBm unweighted (worst case)
Remote control RS232, LAN
Mains inputs 230 VAC / 115 VAC (selectable)
Power consumption 20 VA
Size (WxDxH) 483x220x132 mm
Weight 4.9 kg
Operating temperature range 0÷45°C
Safety according to EN60065
EMC according to EN55103-1 and 55103-2

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  • Automatic rate selection from 143 to 360 Mbaud
  • External switching reference
  • Switching line selectable
  • Command by keyboardoard, RS232 or LAN
  • 16 recallable presets
  • Balanced audio combined

Brochure / leaflet for SDZ16 Dual PS:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro SDZ16 Dual PS


CE Conformity document for SDZ16 Dual PS
CE Conformity


How to control SDZ16 by CNS1000

User manual for LAN202

Application notes for SDZ16

Available Software:

Software to upload firmware into Elpro units

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management – Win 32bit
150727 Tibbo tdst-5-09-12-x86-01.zip

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management – Win 64bit
150727 Tibbo tdst-5-09-12-x64-01.zip


Firmware updating of the Elpro devices is possible using the specific utility UPLOADER.

This software should be downloaded and installed on a PC in a Windows environment.

To perform the updating of the firmware it is necessary to connect the device to the PC serial line and therefore to perform the action (typical for every device) to put the device in UPGRADE MODE.

Then load the .hex file of the new firmware version and start uploading to the device.

At the conclusion of the updating it is necessary to turn OFF and ON again the device.

How to set the SDZ16 Dual PS

Turn the SDZ16 ON holding the key MODE pressed. The UPGRADE MODE is signaled by message ‘Upgradon the display and leds of MODE key are lighted.

Notes: Bug fixed for occasional display anomalies.

Current release: 1.1

MD5: 66554FC19D7174C57A3152B6067FAB0C


Previous version: 1.0

MD5: 7F58E0674527587D25939BC6AE2E5EC4


High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of SDZ16 Dual PS.


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