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VE10DAL-2 is a transmiter for VGA and analog, coax and Optica audio signals towards 10 destinations through CAT5 cable.

It presents the input loop for VGA and all audio signals.

By a dip-switch is selected the incoming audio while by an other dip-switch the EDID is set.

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  • 1RU Rack Mounting Panel.
  • Ten CAT5 outputs for VGA and audio signals.
  • Audio by digital encoding process for sound undistorted.
  • Looping input VGA and audio signals.
  • Supports DDC on local output.
  • Each VGA display equipment request one receiver at remote side. (Order separately).
  • Compatible Receivers are VE02ALR or VE02DALS.

User Instruction Manual for VE10DAL-2


CE Conformity document for VE10DAL-2
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of VE10DAL-2.


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