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WP95TSC5 belongs to the flush mounting table Patch Panels with pneumatic opening and pressure closing.

The connection and command devices, accessible when the patch is open, are internally wired with the matched connectors mounted on the bottom of the panel.

The patch is provided with a Shuko socket and N°2 LAN RJ45 connectors. Besides, N°4 modules of the TSC5 series can be added.

TSC5 additional available modules:- TSC5-02: N°2 USB type A- TSC5-06: N°1 HDMI type A + N°1 HDD 15 p.f.- TSC5-15: N°1 HDMI type A + N°1 USB type A + N°1 XLR 3 p.f.

– TSC5-BP: Blank panel

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications WP95TSC5
Dimensions 256 x163 mm.
Surface cutout 240 x149 mm
Depth 159 mm
Weight 2.3 kg

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  • The WP95TSC5 presents the factory configuration as follows:- N°1 HDD 15 p.f. + N°1 Jack stereo 3,5 mm- N°1 USB type A + HDMI type A- N°1 Button + N°1 Jack stereo 3,5 mm

    – Blank panel

CE Conformity document for WP95TSC5
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of WP95TSC5.


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