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The CH-1107TX HDMI 1.3 transmitter over one only CAT6 is an extension tool for your long distance HDMI display needs.

Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, your existing CAT6 cables/sockets can perform the same functions.

It’s possible to transmit the new lossless compressed (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio) Digital audio, at a bandwidth of up to 225MHz.

The device permits to select the EDID from Std. and TV.

In case of Std. EDID the built-in EDID will be used and it’s necessary to select the bit colour among 8, 10 and 12 bit. With the resolution 1080p the depth colour is limited to 8 bit. Receiver CH-107RX is recommended.

For best performances, CAT6 AWG24 solid is recommended.

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  • HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1 and DVI1.1 compliant
  • Supports Deep Color 12 bit and new lossless compressed Digital audio
  • 1080p 8 bit AWG24 CAT6 up to 45 m. operating distance, 12 bit AWG24 CAT6 10 m.
  • Supports xvYCC (Extended Gamut YCC)

User instruction manual for CH-1107TX


CE Conformity document for CH-1107TX
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CH-1107TX.

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