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The transmitter CA-USBHUT forms a pair with the receiver CA-USBHU100R to allow HDMI and or USB host device to send data within a 100 meters CAT6 LAN distance while offering expandability for up to 4 USB outputs to perform multiple tasks.

In addition, this pair of devices can also permit RS232 data exchange, monodirectional IR (from receiver to transmitter).

Line-out and microphone features, side receiver, allow user to enjoy audio sound over favour audio equipments.

Moreover, the device is suited to allows the user to install more devices to extend the transmission distance up to as long as it demand and without signal loss or delay.

Setting the address of each transmitter and receiver it’s possible to create a matrix over IP for data sharing within sources and displays.

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  • HDMI v1.2 and HDCP v1.1 compliant
  • Supports USB 2.0
  • True plug and play without any driver installation required
  • Tested CAT6 cable distance of up to 100 m. and HUB cascade
  • Supports resolution up to 1080p 60 Hz and WUXGA (R.B.)
  • Automatic display mode detection and DDC synchronization
  • LED indicators Link and USB
  • Data transmission rate 1Gbps
  • Can cascade over Giga Ethernet hub base on TCP/IP

User instruction manual for CA-USBHUT


CE Conformity document for CA-USBHUT
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CA-USBHUT.

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