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The distributor DH1700-3G is the enhanced version of the popular Dh1700. It is now compatible with 3G/HD/SD and offers 7 outputs instead of 6.

Some features, like the automatic compensation of the losses of the incoming cable, have been improved while the performance with 3G signal is at the top of its category.

In line with current trends, the reclocking can be excluded.

A monitor circuitry on the static levels of the output drivers provides the visual alarm by red led in case of fault.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications DH1700-3G
Input signal Single ended, AC coupled
Signal type SMPTE 259M-C (SD-SDI)
SMPTE 425M (3G-SDI, 2.97 Gbps)
Outputs N°7, as inputs
Input compensation Automatic
Input cable max lenght SD-SDI 550 m w/ Belden 1694A
240 m w/ RG59B/U
HD-SDI 250 m w/ Belden 1694A
80 m w/ RG59B/U
3G-SDI 90 m w/ Belden 1694A
50 m w/ RG59B/U
Reclocking Jumper internal ON/OFF
Output signal amplitude (mVpp, average) SD-SDI: 751
HD-SDI: 730
3G-SDI: 710
Output signals rise/fall timing (tested from 20% to 80%) SD-SDI: 743ps/706ps w/ 400 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
HD-SDI: 150ps/145ps w/ 200 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
3G-SDI: 130ps/130ps w/ 80 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
Jitter (Filter at 100 KHz) SD-SDI: < 0.11 UI w/ 400 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
HD-SDI: < 0.11 UI w/ 200 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
3G-SDI: < 0.18 UI w/ 80 m Belden 1694A incoming cable
Alarm Output drivers monitoring
Frontal Panel Leds ON: green
ALARM: red
SD: blue
HD: blue
3D: blue
Voltage Input +40 VDC with 5 Vpp average ripple
Power Consumption 1.80 VA (with HD-SDI signal, one loaded output)
Dimensions Full compatibility w/ DVR-MV/107 3RU rack
Weight (including rear panel) 0.39 kg
EU standard 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2.0), CE Mark

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  • Automatic recognization of serial data input 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • Automatic slew rate of the output signal based on its type (SD or HD)
  • Reclocking bypass by internal dip-switch
  • Alarm and signalling led
  • Low power consumption

User instruction manual for DH1700-3G

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of DH1700-3G.


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