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CV-401H is designed to convert a digital signal from HDMI source to to analog CVBS signal for Pal or Ntsc systems with L/R stereo audio.

This device provides a convenient application that allows the users to store high definition movie in a standard resolution 480i or 576i on DVR or VCR machine.

The device is HDMI 1.2 and DVI 1.0 compliant and it features many functions like 3D noise reduction, frame rate conversion and adaptive contrast enhancement.

Furthermore, a simplified OSD function is available allowing the user to easy view the displaying status and select the desired settings.

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  • Accepts HDMI input up to WXGA at 60 Hz and 720p at 60 Hz
  • 3D Noise reduction
  • 60 to 50 Hz Frame rate conversion
  • L/R de-embedded audio available
  • OSD Input timing information
  • Picture size Underscan/Overscan
  • Aspect Adjustment (Full screen, Letterbox, Pan & Scan)
  • Not HDCP compatible

User Instruction Manual for CV-401H


CE Conformity document for CV-401H
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CV-401H.


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