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MVO-H-TR is a new member of Cuanbo’s expanding Multi Video HDMI Fiber Optical Extender.

Simple connections for HDMI, Fiber and power get from devices USB port provide a cleaner wiring solution.

With a 2 core Multimode LC fiber, the MVO-H-TR can go up to 200m 4K2K 16 bit color depth.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications MVO-H-TR
HDMI Compliance HDMI 3D
HDCP Compliant Yes
Distance 300 m
Max Resolution 4K x2K 24, 25, 30 Hz
Color depth 16 bit
TX Connectors (1) HDMI in
(2) LC
RX Connectors (1) HDMI out
(2) LC
Power Supply 5V1A
Operation Temperature 32-131°F [0-55°C]
Storage Temperature -4-185°F [-20 -85°C]
Relative Humidity 5-95% RH [no condensation]
Dimensions 66x24x11 mm
Weight 38 g

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  • N°2 LC connectors, Multimode
  • Supports 4K2K and 3D
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Get power from device USB port
  • Transmission distance 200 m at 4K2K

User instruction manual for MVO-H-TR

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of MVO-H-TR.


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