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The WP090 belongs to the family of the Cables and Modules Shelter.

It’s ideal for classrooms and large training facilities where several tabletop cable connections are needed. WP090 can be used in several applications having the possibility of choosing among several configurations.

It can house as well up to twelve data, audio and video cables that can be pulled-up through the openings in the cable pass-through adapter.

Three different cable diameters and connector types are available. Up to four universal AC power outlets and the whole range of Elpro wall plates modules can be mounted onto WP090 permetting a full universal configuration. The feature to house 2 or 4 universal AC power outlet is useful in cases where is necessary to saving space and 2 or 4 devices can be energized through one WP090.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications WP090
Main Input 90-240Vac 5A Max
Weight 2.5 Kg
Top Plate W = 150 mm
D = 190 mm
H = N.A.
Surface Cutout W= 139 mm
D = 179 mm
H = N.A.
Box (under surface) W = 138 mm
D = 178 mm
H = 154 mm

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  • Professional black color
  • Can fit Universal AC power outlets, Wall Plate modules and Cable pass-through kits
  • Universal AC power outlet compatible with all the type of plugs
  • Up to 8 Wall Plate Modules
  • Cable pass-through kits for 3 or 6 cables
  • Optional blank panel WP090/BLK3
  • Cup to give a nice aspect at the end of use
  • Simple installation and use.
  • Available parts:
  • WP090/MAIN2  Mains group w/2 universal Shuko
  • WP090/WP4  Frame for 4 WP Series modules
  • WP090/PTC3  3 cables Passing-through kit
  • WP090/PTC6  6 cables Passing-through kit
  • WP090/BLK3  Blank panel suited for one section.
  • Available in black only (RAL9005).

Brochure / leaflet for WP090:


User manual for WP090


CE Conformity document for WP090
CE Conformity


Technical drawing in Autocad format

Technical drawing in Adobe .pdf format

Technical drawing in Autocad and Adobe .pdf format for WP090 Accessories

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of WP090.


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