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VE02DALS-2 is a receiver for VGA and analog, coax or optical audio signals through CAT5 cable for distance up to 300 m.

It presents the trimmers for Gain and Equalizer to compensate the losses of the cable and a digital skew corrector in order to obtain a perfect alignment of the RGB colours.

A CAT5 loop is offered to permit a chainable CAT5 connection to extend the working range over 300 m.

The 5 leds inform the user about the status of the operations.

Can be used with multiple transmitter VE05AL-2 and VE10DAL-2 and with other single transmitter.

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  • CAT5 Chainable function for another VE02DALS-2.
  • Audio by digital encoding process for sound undistorted.
  • Audio supports stereo audio, digital audio LPCM up to 96 khz, Dolby Digital and DTS.
  • Digital and analog audio simultaneously present on receiver unit.
  • Distance up to 300 m at UXGA with AWG24 CAT5 cable.
  • Built in Gain and Equalizer trimmers adj. at Receiver.
  • Digital Skew RGB corrector.
  • Signalling status leds.

User Instruction Manual for VE02DALS-2


CE Conformity document for VE02DALS-2
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of VE02DALS-2.


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