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TZ04 is a 4×4 video and stereo audio AFV matrix switcher.

It’s easy to use and very versatile, useful in professional and institutional video environment.

Technical Specifications

Input type composite AC coupled
Input return loss 48 dB at 5 MHz
Output return loss 27 dB at 5 MHz
Frequency response 0.3 dB at 5 MHz
-3 dB at 27 MHz
Differential gain 1%
Differential phase
Crosstalk (two section) 40 dB at 5 MHz
Input/output type unbalanced with RCA socket
Input impedance 10KΩ
Input/output level 11 dBm max
Frequency response -0.5 dB from 20 Hz to 500 KHz
Harmonic distortion 0.1% from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, 0 dBm
Crosstalk (two adj. ch.) 60 dB at 16 KHz
Hum & Noise -84 dBm
Mains input 230 VAC 50 Hz
Power consumption 13 VA
Size (WxDxH) 483x140x44 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Operating temperature range 0÷45°C
Safety according to EN 60065
EMC according to EN 55013 and EN 55020

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  • 4×4 Video and stereo audio matrix
  • Composite Video and unbalanced Audio signals
  • Inputs and Outputs selectable by dedicated pushbuttons
  • Status indication by 4×4 leds matrix
  • Default configuration setting
  • Dry contacts remote control (optional)

Brochure / leaflet for TZ04:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro TZ04


CE Conformity document for TZ04
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of TZ04.


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