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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications SD104
Input type AC coupled
Input return loss 44 dB at 10 MHz
41 dB at 100 MHz
34 dB at 200 MHz
29,5 dB at 270 MHz
Outputs return loss 33 dB at 10 MHz
24 dB at 100 MHz
22 dB at 200 MHz
21 dB at 270 MHz
Outputs amplitude 800 mVpp
Outputs rise/fall time 780 ps at 270 Mbaud (measured from 20% to 80%)
Automatic compensation 220 m RG59 DS cable with SDI check field (Test with SPG422 and VFM 601i Tektronix)
DOP107 Pal out return loss 21 dB at 5 MHz
PLL locking:
bit/sec 143 Mbaud
center frequency 71.5 MHz
f.min. 64.6 MHz
f.max 76.5 MHz
bit/sec 177 Mbaud
center frequency 88.5 MHz
f.min. 79.8 MHz
f.max 93.1 MHz
bit/sec 270 Mbaud
center frequency 135.0 MHz
f.min. 124.0 MHz
f.max 144.6 MHz
bit/sec 360 Mbaud
center frequency 180.0 MHz
f.min. 166.9 MHz
f.max 194.6 MHz
Mains input 230 VAC 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 VA
Weight 0.3 kg
Operating temperature range 0÷45°C
Safety according to EN 60065
EMC according to EN 55013 and EN 55020

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  • SD-SDI presence indication
  • High accuracy in the input and outputs return loss
  • Autosensing circuit for fault monitoring
  • Able to compensate 220 m of RG59 DS cable
  • Regenerated and reclocked outputs
  • On board SD-SDI to Pal converter (DOP107, optional)
  • To be fitted in DVR-MV-RK rack

Brochure / leaflet for SD104:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro SD104


CE Conformity document for SD104
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of SD104.


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