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PS100 is a power supply especially designed for the DVR-MV/107 rack.

The power supply is composed by a plug-in and a rear part that is separated (PRB100), on which a plug for 230VAC power supply is mounted, together with fuse holder and 5×20 1A T fuse.

This power supply provides a pre-stabilized tension of ±22 VDC which is distributed inside the DVR-MV/107 rack to provide power to all the Elpro plug-ins of the 107 line.

The PS100 power supply is provided by 2 leds on the front which lit up when the unit is powered and the two pre-stabilized tensions of ±22 VDC are present.

Installation of PS100 in the DVR-MV/107 rack is done on one of the sides of the rack.

One PS100 unit may give power to up to 12 plug-ins. A second power supply on the DVR-MV/107 rack has to be considered as redundant.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications PS100
Mains input 230 Vac 50 Hz Max. 80 VA
Output Voltage ± 22 VDC
Nominal current 2 A
Size (WxDxH) 350x124x48mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
CE Mark

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