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DE01ERK carry up to 50m a digital DVI-D signal through a CAT6 cable. Compactness, cheapness and reliability are its characteristics.

It sinks the supply directly from the DVI connection, therefore it doesn’t need of the external Power Supply. The signalling leds on the RJ45 connector permit a visible control of the operations of the transceiver.

Transmitter and receiver are connected directly to the DVI source and the DVI destination saving space and increasing the connection reliability.

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  • Extender DVI-D signal through CAT6.
  • Include DE01E transmitter and DE01ER receiver.
  • DE01ER is active receiver for good performance.
  • No external power required.
  • Extend the transmission distance up to:» 50m at XGA with AWG24 CAT6 cable.» 40 m at UXGA with AWG24 CAT6 cable.

    » 30 m at WUXGA (1920×1200 R.B.) with AWG24 CAT6 cable.

  • Signalling status leds.
  • HDCP not supported.

User Instruction Manual for DE01ERK


CE Conformity document for DE01ERK
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of DE01ERK.


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