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Transceiver FX-HDPRO permits the remoting, by multimode fiber optics, of the all using tools of a DVD Player leaving remote the DVD Player only.

Optic transmitter must be connected to the DVD Player through an HDMI cable and one Audio cable in the case is not desired to use the embedded audio.

If DVD must be commanded by RS232 it’s necessary to connect this cable as well.

In the remote location, the RS232 terminal or PC that have to send the command to DVD Player must be connected to the optical receiver through a RS232 cable.

If DVD Player must be commanded by IR, the IR emitter, outgoing from optical transmitter must be placed in order to spot the DVD Player.

In the remote location, the IR receiver that receives the IR light from the IR Control, must be connected to the optical receiver.

In this way, remotely, we are able to command all the functions of the DVD player.

Maximum distance is 360m.

Technical Specifications

Input Interface HDMI(SingleLink)
Output Interface HDMI (SingleLink)
Resolution up to 1920×1200
DDC automatic learning from remote screen
HDCP transparent
Connector 3.5mm Jack
Bandwidth 15KHz
Signal level 0dB unbalanced
Input Impedance 10KΩ
Output Impedance 100Ω
Fiber LC to LC
Multimode 50/125
Data up to 115,000
db9 male for TX
female to RX TXD, RXD and ground
IR transparent IR signal

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  • Transmit DVI-D 1920×1200 60Hz With Crisp, Perfect Image
  • Transmit Crystal-Clear Stereo Audio
  • Transmit HDMI Signals up to 1200 Feet Without HDCP Dropouts or Errors
  • Full IR and RS-232 Control
  • High-Definition Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 Achieved Over Fishing Line-Thin ‘Invisible’Fiber Optics Cable Without Video or Audio Quality Loss
  • Perfect 1080p HDTV Resolution
  • IR Transparent IR Signal
  • Full Creative Control Over Arrangement/Setup of Home Theater Components and Professional Digital Signage Displays Without Restrictive, Bulky Cables
  • Unit Uses Extremely Cost-Effective Fiber Optics Cabling
  • LC Fiber Plug Type
  • Compatible With all Operating Systems
  • Quick and Easy Setup

Brochure / leaflet for FX-HDPro:


User instruction manual for FX-HDPro


CE Conformity document for FX-HDPro
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of FX-HDPro.


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