ElPro VideoLabs | Warranty conditions, RMA form

1. All the Elpro products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty loses its validity if the defect of the product has been caused by improper use or misuse by third parties.
During the warranty period, Elpro will repair the faulty units free of charge.

Aesthetic defects are under warranty only if the transport has been made by our confidence carrier.

RMA Policy

2. In case of fault of the purchased product, download the RMA request form, fill it out and send back to Elpro by E-mail.

3. After receiving your RMA inquiry, Elpro issues an RMA number to you. Our Test dept. may check your fault description asking you further informations.

Delivery Conditions and Transport

4. Once received the RMA number, you are ready to dispach the faulty unit to Elpro paying the return freight and insurance. Fill properly the document of transport and put the RMA form outside the parcel.

5. ELPRO is not responsible of damages due to the transport. So, be sure to assure the goods.

6. Transport of the goods, outward and back, is on charge and of the client.

7. If the repaired goods are within the warranty period and goods is really in fault, Elpro will pay the going-back freight.

8. The leadtime of repairing is 5 working days excluded the transport and the availability of spare parts. The repairing within the warranty is free of charge.

9. About the extra warranty period repairing, Elpro will edit an estimation of the cost that must be accepted by the client.


10. The cost of repairing, if due, will be added on the montly invoice


Please download here the RMA Request Form

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