How Ecommerce Translation Services Can Help Your Business Thrive


Budgeting for translation of ecommerce products can be a wise decision. Generally, the cost of acquiring a new customer goes up over time and even faster during periods of inflation. Budgeting for translation allows you to avoid this, generating a new audience that will remain loyal over time. This method of budgeting has been proven by behavioral economics, meaning that translation in ecommerce doesn’t have to be a “sunk cost,” but can yield actual revenue.

Importance of linguistic matchmaking in ecommerce translation services

It’s important to choose the right language for your site. English is the most widely used language on the Internet, but it only represents a quarter of the world’s population. Without proper translation, you’ll lose out on three-quarters of your potential customer base. And while only two hundred thousand translators currently service the world’s population, it’s worth noting that there are another 2.5 billion speakers of other languages who could potentially impact your online sales.

Importance of working with in-country translators for proper localization

The first step in working with an LSP for proper localization of your ecommerce business is to find a language service provider that specializes in the target language. There are several reasons why this is important. First of all, in-country translators are typically immersed in the culture and are updated on the latest terminology. Secondly, it is important to pair translators with subject-matter expertise. Third, your translations should be proofread by two or three sets of eyes to ensure the quality of the translated content.

Lastly, the content on your website should be localized to reach your target market. In addition to translating product descriptions, you should also localize SEO and PPC keywords. Include relevant local terms along with generic keywords to ensure that your ecommerce content is search engine optimized. Ultimately, localization is critical for your business. After all, your ecommerce website must be easy to use for your clients in their own language.

Importance of identifying the content essential to the buyer’s journey

Choosing a good ecommerce translation service should take into account your overall business goals. A successful translation can help you convert visitors into loyal customers by ensuring your website uses the correct language to engage your target audience. A good translation agency should be able to help you identify the content that is most important to your business. Here are some tips for choosing the right service:

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