MDL 100

The MDL100 converts the standard TV signal into a high resolution RGBHsVs graphic signal. It can be used to enhance image quality in the case of video projection or monitor display. The possibility of selecting among 4 video inputs with related associated audio makes the MDL100 very useful in the multi-media presentations.

  • 4 inputs with associated audio
  • IR control optional
  • Video/audio mute function
  • On screen menu (OSD)
  • Maintenance of settings
  • Recallable presettings
  • Wide range of corrections and adjustments
  • Fully controlled by PC

PC software & protocol


Inputs 2 PAL with BNC 1 Y/C with mini-DIN

1 PC (bypass) with HDD 15 p. m.

Output high resolution RGBHsVs with HDD 15 p. f.
Sync level TTL, Horiz. 31 kHz, Vert. 50 Hz
Sync polarity selectable

Inputs 4 stereo jack sockets 3.5 mm
Input coupling AC, unbalanced
Input impedance 47 Kohm
Input level +11 dB max
Gain -0.5 dB
Frequency response -1 dB from 40 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk 60 dB at 5 KHz
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