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08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces

Elpro designs a line of products which can be used to carry on realizations through commands sent via RS232 or LAN.

Contact closing, giving power to a Shuko outlet or monitoring a remote event are all typical applications of the LAN Interface.

Moreover, a simple RS232 to LAN interface is available to allow control of all Elpro devices with an RS232 interface.


Universal Matrix Console

CNS1000 is a console that can be used for remote control of ELPRO matrix switchers which can be interfaced via RS232 serial line or on Ethernet network.


LIN10x / Intelligent Console

CONS100 is a console suited for the management of the units of the family LIN10x or for the management of a generic unit handled through serial line RS232 or LAN.


RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN101 is a birectional RS232/Ethernet 10 baseT converter.


4 Dry Contacts RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN102 permits the command, by LAN or by RS232 serial line, of 4 low power relays.


8 Schuko Sockets RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN103 allows the command by LAN or by RS232 serial line of 8 SCHUKO SOCKETS.


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