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01 - HDTV Audio Distr. & Switchers

The HDTV Distributors and Switchers family deals with Y, Pb, Pr analog signal and associated SPDIF.

The 4x1 switcher and 4x4 matrix can also be operated by IR and RS232.


Component 4x4 Matrix

CCMX-44 is a high performance Component + L/R Audio Matrix with remote control.


1x3 HD Distributor w/digital & analog audio

CHDD-3C is capable of distributing Video in 3 different formats and is ideal for use in any analog video entertainment distribution system.


1x8 HDTV Distributor up to 1080p/UXGA

CHDD-8C is a high performance and versatile distribution amplifier for delivering both HD and Std. video signal with digital/analog audio to your multiple display units.


4-in 1-out HD Switcher w/RS232

CHDD-41AR HD/CV switcher is designed for switching between various HD and Std. sources for sharing TV display.


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