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02 - Switchers

Switchers of the CLUX line are fully compatible with the v1.3 standard.

Some types can also be operated by IR and/or RS232.


8-in 1-out DVI Switcher

CDVI-81 is a high performance DVI switcher with remote control.


5x1 HDMI Switcher w/ MHL (Mobile High Definition Link)

CFSW-51MHL is a five input and one output HDMI switcher with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) support integrated on its fifth input port.


4-in 1-out HD Switcher w/RS232

CHDD-41AR HD/CV switcher is designed for switching between various HD and Std. sources for sharing TV display.


HDMI 1.4 4x1 Switcher

High performance HDMI 1.4 Switcher with four inputs and one outputs.


HDMI 1.3 8x1 Switcher with CEC

CLUX-C81C is a high performance HDMI switcher with CEC control function.


4K UHD+ 4x1 HDMI Switcher with IP Control

This 4x1 HDMI switcher is the most advanced HDMI solution for true Ultra High-Definition signal routing.


HDMI 1.4 4x1 Switcher with dual out

This is a high performance 4 inputs with dual outputs HDMI 1.4 Switcher with 3D support.


4x1 HDMI 4K2K Switcher

The CPRO-U4H1HFS is a 4x1 4K2K HDMI Switcher that enables the switching of four HDMI sources to a single HDMI output, allowing a display or AV Receiver to select between four devices.


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