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06 - DP (DisplayPort) - Distributors

DP family manages signals belonging to DP standard 1.1 version.

Some distributors and one converter from DP to HDMI are offered.


1x3 DisplayPort Splitter

CDP-13DPI is a splitter that can distribute a DisplyPort signal towards 3 destinations.


1x4 DisplayPort Splitter

The DisplayPort (DP) 1x4 splitter CDP-14C allows a single DP source to be displayed on four DP monitors simultaneously.


DP to HDMI Converter / Adapter

CDPH-1P is a format converter from DP to HDMI.


1x3 Mini-DisplayPort Splitter

CMDP-13DPI is a splitter that can distribute a Mini-DisplyPort signal towards 3 destinations.


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