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08 - Generators

Signal Generators are devices which generate a series of standard patterns used to test monitors and other video equipment.

Three kinds of generators are available which work on the PC or analog HDTV signals, DVI and HDMI.

The HDMI Generator, also controlled by IR and RS232, offers a wide range of 39 different patterns including an HDCP one.


3D Mini HDMI Analyzer

The CH-A1 3D mini HDMI Analyzer is a useful tool for checking both source and display HDMI devices.


4K UHD+ HDMI Signal Generator & Analyzer

The HDMI Signal Generator & Analyzer is an advanced and handy tool for generating, testing and verifying the signal path within your 18Gbps HDMI ecosystem.


HDMI Audio Bridge with 6G Signal Generator

This unit is an advanced and convenient tool for generating HDMI 6G signals for testing HDMI devices. Il provides 6 built-in settings covering Ultra HD and Full HD resolutions, 4 test patterns, HDCP (1.4, 2.2 and non-HDCP) and 3 audio types each providing a large array of test patterns, and incorporates both digital and analog audio inputs for embedding into an HDMI output.


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