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11 - Micro System Control

The family called Micro System Control is composed of a series of devices designed for the automated control of the conference and / or presentation rooms.

The typical control system has an IR input for learning, IR ports outputs, threshold inputs for "trigger" events, outputs by relays for external actuations as well as two COM ports.

The devices presented in this section offer these "features" in an organic way and allow the user to select the equipment best suited to his needs.

Matrices with an integrated control system and HDMI and HDBaseT outputs are also offered.


Micro-Control System

By entering into a new era of smart world, the trend of controlling everything with one finger is nowadays foreseen. CDPS-CS4 allows direct and indirect control interfaces for all your devices.


Relay and Infrared Control System

This Relay/Infrared Controller is ideal for a user who has a wide variety of devices that need to be controlled. It presents eight external trigger connections which directly activate 8 (of 16 total) user defined macro events stored in the unit.


IR Learner, USB Interface

The Infrared Learner is a versatile tool for all your control system design needs. This compact yet functional unit can convert your analog IR commands into digital data and store it for many uses.


Relay/Voltage/PWM/Serial Port Controller

This unit is designed for multi-purpose and multi-task trigger system usage.


4x4 HDMI In / HDBaseT Out w/ Control System

This 4K2K 4x4 HDMI over CAT5e/6/7 Matrix with fast switch and complete control system allows 4 HDMI signal sources to be routed to 4 HDBaseT™ outputs over a single CAT5e/6/7 cable up to 100m for each output.


4x4 HDMI 4K2K Matrix w/ Control System

CDPS-UC4H4HFS is a 4 x 4 Matrix for HDMI 4K2K signals with an integrated complete control system. Its fast switching allows the 4 HDMI signal sources to be displayed on the 4 HDMI displays outputs with a minimum delay.


4x1 HDMI Switcher w/ Speaker Out and MCS Controller

This 4 by 1 HDMI UHD Switcher allows four HDMI sources to be routed to an HDMI display. The Fast Switching Technology greatly reduces the time required to swap between inputs.


15-Keys Wall Plate Control Keypad

CDPW-K1 is a Wall-Plate Keypad that acts as Control for presentation system.


9-Keys Wall Plate Control Keypad

CDPW-K1S is a Wall-Plate Keypad that acts as Control for presentation system.


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