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12 - Miscellaneous

This category includes all the products not mentioned in the previous families.

Devices that feature solutions in the distribution and switching of SD/HD/3G-SDI signals, digital Mixers, Video Wall solutions, CEC Controllers, HDMI Patch Panels, IR repeater on CAT5 and many others are offered.


IR Emitter (Blaster)

CBL-E3.51F-20 is an IR (Infra-red) Emitter (so called Blaster) suited to work with the Cypress devices that present an electrical IR output with 3.5 mm 3 pin jack


IR Receiver

CBL-IR07C4SA200C is an IR (Infra-red) Receiver suited to work with the Cypress devices that present an electrical IR input with 3.5 mm 3 pin jack.


USB to HDMI Converter

The CDL-125 is a USB to HDMI converter that enables you to add an additional monitor to a laptop or desktop through the use of USB 2.0 ports, freeing you from the complicated process of installing VGA cards.


HDMI EDID Emulator

The CED-1M HDMI EDID Emulator is designed to allow the adjustment of HDMI/DVI EDID information that is provided to a source device by a connected display, so that the source can output the correct video/audio signal.

CIR-12 / CIR-03

CAT5 Infrared Extender kit

CIR-12 and CIR-03 are a couple of devices that performs the IR Transmission through CAT5 cable.


4x4 IR Matrix

The CMIR-44 is an Infrared 4 x 4 Matrix designed to control your source devices from beside your display/receiver.


Digital AV Mixer

The CMX-112 High Definition digital A/V Mixer has two input BUSES, each with six inputs (2 x HDMI, 2 x YPbPr and 2 x CV or Y/C) and also a Background Color feature for greater efficiency.


HDMI 6G Enhancer w/EDID Selection

This HDMI to HDMI Enhancer is an easy to use device for not only extending the HDMI signal path but can also analyze the bandwidth, HDCP, EDID and YUV 420 status of that signal.


8-Way Adjustable DC Power Supply

This unit can distribute electrical power up to 8 devices (10.2 volt/3.2 amp each port) with overall power consumption of 80 watts over Terminal Block (3.5mm, 2 poles).


4x1 (Dual out) 3G-SDI Switcher

CSDI-42 is an SD/HD/3G-SDI switcher with 4 inputs and one dual output controlled by RS232 and IR Control.


3G-SDI 4x1 (quad outputs) Switcher

CSDI-44 is a SD/HD/3G-SDI switcher with 4 inputs and one quad outputs controlled by RS232 and IR Control.


HDMI to USB Capture Box

The CUSB-601H is High-Definition capture box which supports HDMI 1080p video input and stores it to H.264 video format in your computer. Its typical use is as a backup unit.


Multi-Screen Video Wall Control System

The CVW-11HS is a device that must be used with a HDMI monitor or TV and permits the management of a multi-screen Video Wall.


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