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13 - Elpro Broadcasting

Elpro Broadcasting is a group of boards suited to be fitted in the Elpro rack 3U DVR-MV/107.

Powers Supply, distributors, converters from SD-SDI to analog, video and audio changeover are offered.


Octal SD-SDI Signals Equalizer

The AWB201 is composed of eight 270 Mbit/sec SD-SDI Signals Equalizers with 1 input and 1 output each.


24V Negative Grounded Power Supply

The 24V Power Supply is a drawer compatible with the DVR-MV/107 rack.


2x1 Audio Switcher

CA101 is a drawer compatible with the DVR-MV/107 rack.


SD-SDI to PAL+PAL+Y/C or YUV or RGB Converter

CONVI107 is a plug-in which makes the conversion from SD-SDI 270Mb/sec to analogic.


2x1 Video Switcher

CX101 is a drawer compatible with the DVR-MV/107 rack.


1x6 Reclocking SD-SDI Distributor

DD107 is a high performance SD-SDI video signal distributor.


1x6 PAL Distributor / Equalizator with Clamper Supply

DE107 is a high performance composite video signal distributor with 1 loop input and 6 outputs adapted to 75Ω.


1x6 HD-SDI Distributor with Reclocking

DH1700 is an HD-SDI digital video signal Distributor with cable loss automatic compensation and reclocking on the outputs.


1x7 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distributor

The distributor DH1700-3G is the enhanced version of the popular Dh1700. It is now compatible with 3G/HD/SD and offers 7 outputs instead of 6.


SD-SDI to PAL Conversion Board

The DOP100 is an optional board which can be mounted on the DD107 and DH1700 plug-ins.


19" 3RU Standard Container

The DVR-MV107 rack is a 19" 3RU standard container, 350 mm deep.


19" 3RU Standard Container

The Kit107 allows the rack insertion of 12 plug-ins plus 2 power supplies of the PS100 type or 14 plug-ins and 1 PS100 power supply.


Power Supply

PS100 is a power supply especially designed for the DVR-MV/107 rack.


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