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0 - HDMI, DVI, VGA over IP

The main goal of this family is to send and distribute HDMI, DVI and VGA signals over LAN. Currently HDMI 3D and 4K2K are not supported.

It is suited for large scale remote HD content access, security monitoring systems and digital signage applications.

The whole system support support bi-directional RS232, IR and analog audio. Some models support USB KM (Keyboard / Mouse) remoting.

One pair can work as well in point-to-point application with a simple connection by CAT5e/CAT6/7 cable. For transmission through LAN, use IGMP and 8K Jumbo frame packets Gigabit Switch.

The devices can act as Distributor, Switcher and/or Matrix, depending on the type of the connections and their relative configurations. Besides, can work with any combination on HDMI, DVI, VGA transmitters and receivers and supports up to 16 transmitters and 254 receivers, based on the number of ports on your network switch.

---- NO products are currently in catalogue for this family. Please check out the DISCONTINUED section


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