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06 - RS232/LAN Interfaces, Audio


Universal Matrix Console

catalogue product code: 08-030

elpro CNS1000 elpro CNS1000
PLEASE NOTE: the CNS1000 has been discontinued and it is not in stock anymore.


CNS1000 is a console that can be used for remote control of ELPRO matrix switchers which can be interfaced via RS232 serial line or on Ethernet network.

The operator interface consists of an alphanumeric display and a set of function keys used to send commands to the matrix switchers.

On an Ethernet network, it is possible to connect several CNS1000 consoles to manage a single matrix; management of various matrix switchers is also possible from the same console.

It is possible to create packets commands, by serial programming, that can be associated to the alphanumeric keys, to be sent to one or more machines.

The firmware can be updated, via RS232, so as to follow the evolution of ELPRO products or to implement new functions.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications CNS1000
Ethernet interface10/100 Base T
Network cableCAT5
Network ProtocolsUDP, TCP, DHCP, ICMP, ARP
Data buffer sizeN°2 independent of 255 bytes
Serial interfaceRS232
SignalsRxD, TxD, GND
Serial rateprogrammable 2400 to 38400 bit/sec (9600 for ELPRO matrices)
Mains inputsN°5 Vcc with AC (adapter ADM030)
Power consumption2.5 VA
Size (WxDxH)320x45x88 mm
Weight1 kg
Operating temperature range0÷45°C
Safetyaccording to EN 60065
EMCaccording to EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2 EN 50081 part1 and 50082 part 1

Main Features

  • RS232 or Ethernet interface
  • Operator interface via alphanumeric display and
  • function keys
  • Management of ELPRO matrix switchers
  • Firmware updatable via RS232
  • Easy insertion in an existing LAN
  • Possibility of insertion in 2RU rack
  • Easy packets commands programming



Brochure / leaflet for CNS1000:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro CNS1000


CE Conformity document for CNS1000
CE Conformity

Available Software:

Configuration Software for CONS100 and CNS1000

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management - Win 32bit
150727 Tibbo

Software for Ethernet interface configuration and virtual COM management - Win 64bit
150727 Tibbo

Software to upload firmware into Elpro units


Firmware updating of the Elpro devices is possible using the specific utility UPLOADER.

This software should be downloaded and installed on a PC in a Windows environment.

To perform the updating of the firmware it is necessary to connect the device to the PC serial line and therefore to perform the action (typical for every device) to put the device in UPGRADE MODE.

Then load the .hex file of the new firmware version and start uploading to the device.

At the conclusion of the updating it is necessary to turn OFF and ON again the device.

How to set the CNS1000

Turn the CNS1000 ON holding the key TAKE pressed.

The UPGRADE MODE is signaled with the led MODE and CANC lighted

Notes: TZM883V/VA Matrix management.

Old data configuration (FW rel 1.2 or older) are not compatible with this release. You must clear the configuration after restart. See the User Manual

Current release: 2.4

MD5: 8CE5D0871AAE343A87B05E7D76C2E981

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CNS1000.

elpro CNS1000 elpro CNS1000
elpro CNS1000 connection scheme



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