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4K60 (4:4:4) 1x2 HDMI over HDBaseT Scaler with IR, RS-232, PoH, LAN, OAR & Balanced Audio Extraction

cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX
PLEASE NOTE: the CSC-6012TX/RX is of very recent production, so documentation and software may change in time.


This HDMI to HDMI/HDBaseT Scaling Transmitter can send uncompressed audio/video along with control, Ethernet, and extra audio data over a single run of Cat.5e/6/7 cable up to 100m. Both the HDMI input and local HDMI output support video signals up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4,8-bit). For transmission over the HDBaseT output the signal can be converted to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0,8-bit) or 1080p@60Hz, if necessary, in order to fit within HDBaseT bandwidth limitations. Simple 18Gbps HDMI test patterns are also available to be output. Control of remote devices is possible via bi-directional RS-232 or IR as well as via a LAN connection. A balanced analog audio output provides users with additional audio flexibility. The 48V PoH design can power the connected Receiver (PD), eliminating the need for an extra power supply while the Transmitter itself is powered through the local 24V power supply.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications CSC-6012TX/RX
Inputs1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x 3.5mm Stereo Mini-jack [1x Infrared Receiver]
3x 1-Pin Terminal Block [1x RS-232]
1x RJ45 [1x LAN Serving]
Outputs1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x RJ45 [1x HDMI & Propriety Data]
1x 5-Pin Terminal Block [1x Stereo (Balanced)]
1x 3.5mm Stereo Mini-jack [1x Infrared Emitter]
Dimensions231mm [W] x 117mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight648g

Main Features

  • Supports the HDBaseT 1.0 specification
  • HDBaseT 5Play™ convergence: High-Definition (HD) Video and Audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, 48V PoH, and Control (Bi-directional IR/RS-232 pass-through)
  • Supports UHD resolutions up to 3840x2160@50/60Hz (YUV 4:4:4) & 4096x2160@50/60Hz (YUV 4:4:4)
  • Supports pass-through of all standard digital audio: LPCM 2.0/5.1/7.1, Bitstream & HD Bitstream
  • Supports RS-232 baud rates from 110~115200bps
  • 10/100 Ethernet network support
  • Fully compliant with HDMI 1.4, and compatible with HDMI 2.0 (4K@60Hz, YUV 4:2:0)
  • HDMI with 18Gbps (600MHz) 4K support and HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Supports Deep Color up to 1080p/12-bit
  • Supports DVI to HDMI conversion
  • Supports signal bypass on HDMI output (on the Transmitter
  • Transmitter can upscale 1080p signals to 4K over HDBaseT output or downscale 4K signal to 1080p (same framerate is maintained)
  • Receiver supports signal bypass on both outputs or output B can upscale 1080p signals to 4K and output A can downscale a 4K signal to 1080p (same framerate is maintained)
  • Supports 4K UHD (4:4:4) to 4K UHD (4:2:0) conversion
  • Supports OAR (Optical Audio Return) and DAC balanced audio conversion
  • Test pattern generation at select resolutions for on-site display testing
  • Integrated EDID management
  • OSD with instant I/O resolution display



User instruction manusl for CSC-6012TX/RX


CE Conformity document for CSC-6012TX/RX
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CSC-6012TX/RX.

cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX cypress CSC-6012TX/RX



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