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11 - MVS Series Products


16 Keys remote Control Panel

catalogue product code: 18-328

broadcast MVS-X-LRCP broadcast MVS-X-LRCP broadcast MVS-X-LRCP


MVS-X-LRCP is a simple and convenient remote control panel which can apply up to 20 layouts of MVS-X. It is connected to MVS-X with a DB9 RS232 cable.

One MVS-X-LRCP can control up to 4 units of MVS-X at the same time.

All the working status are stored in memory when the unit is power off.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications MVS-X-LRCP
Front Panel Three button zones4 MVS buttons
20 Layouts buttons
1 Protect Button
InterfaceN°4 DB9 female, on rear panel
Dimensions90 x 483 x 44mm (H)
Power Supply100÷240VAC 50/60Hz

Main Features

  • Controls up to 4 units of MVS-X with RS232 interfaces at the same time
  • Quick-recall up to 20 layouts for each MVS system
  • Buttons with indicator light to indicate current recall status
  • Auto-save working status when power down
  • Provide protect mode to freeze all buttons on front panel in order to avoid false operation



Brochure / leaflet for MVS-X-LRCP:


User instruction manual for MVS-X-LRCP


CE Conformity document for MVS-X-LRCP
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of MVS-X-LRCP.

broadcast MVS-X-LRCP broadcast MVS-X-LRCP broadcast MVS-X-LRCP
broadcast MVS-X-LRCP connection scheme



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