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13 - Elpro Broadcasting


2x1 Audio Switcher

broadcast CA101 broadcast CA101


CA101 is a drawer compatible with the DVR-MV/107 rack.

It does not need the Kit107 or Kit107H/2 for placement.

The drawer is alimented by a power cord with a Shuko plug.

The CA101 executes the stereo balanced audio signal switching (a, b Left + a, b Right).

When not operative the signal on the ING1 terminal is transferred.

The switching transferring the signal on the ING2 terminal input may be manually controlled by the switch on the front panel (ING.1 - ING.2) or by a remote through the sub-D 9 v.f. connector on the back (COMANDO).

The CA101 has two paralleled outputs (USCITA LINEA e USCITA MONITORIA).



Brochure / leaflet for CA101:

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CA101.

broadcast CA101 broadcast CA101



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