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SD-SDI to PAL Conversion Board

broadcast DOP100


The DOP100 is an optional board which can be mounted on the DD107 and DH1700 plug-ins.

The DOP100 converts in a PAL signal the digital signal present on the plug-in.

The board is compatible with 270Mb/sec SD-SDI signals, so its use on the DH1700 plug-in is recommended only in case the input signal be an SD-SDI or SMPTE259M.

The PAL signal on the output is of the correlated phase type.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications DOP100
PAL Out Ret. Loss20 dB at 5 MHz
Diff. Phase0.8°
Diff. Amplitude0.8%
Power Consumption0.7 VA



Brochure / leaflet for DOP100:

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of DOP100.

broadcast DOP100



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