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13 - Elpro Broadcasting


19" 3RU Standard Container

broadcast KIT107 broadcast KIT107


The Kit107 allows the rack insertion of 12 plug-ins plus 2 power supplies of the PS100 type or 14 plug-ins and 1 PS100 power supply.

A reduced kit known as Kit107H-2 may be mounted if only half of the DVR-MV107 rack needs to be used. In this case 6 plug-ins and 1 PS100 power supply may be mounted.

The Kit107 or Kit107H-2 mounted on the DVR-MV107 rack distributes pre-stabilized ±22 VDC power generated by the PS100 toward all the plug-ins inserted in the rack.

Moreover, each inserted plug-in will generate on its own the stabilized power necessary for the functioning of its own electronics.



Brochure / leaflet for KIT107:

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of KIT107.

broadcast KIT107 broadcast KIT107



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