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Professional equipment for Video / Audio managing

ELPRO Special Offer Products

The products shown in this page have out for a Special Offer for a limited time and a limited number of products.

Price offered is a special deal for our clients, order yours now!

Please Contact our office for ordering and details.

This Special Offer will be valid until our stock lasts. No Raincheck will be issued, Elpro will reserve the right to refuse orders received when no unit will be in stock anymore.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


Universal Matrix Console

CNS1000 is a console that can be used for remote control of ELPRO matrix switchers which can be interfaced via RS232 serial line or on Ethernet network.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


LIN10x / Intelligent Console

CONS100 is a console suited for the management of the units of the family LIN10x or for the management of a generic unit handled through serial line RS232 or LAN.

10 - Patch Panels


Audio Patch Panel

The ELA audio patch panels series was developped to guarantee the maximum of reliability on the contact especially for the customers who are using microphonic signals.

10 - Patch Panels


Video Patch Panel

The ELV video patch panels series was developped to meet the demands of professional and broadcast operators.

10 - Patch Panels


Video Patch Panel

The ELV video patch panels series was developped to meet the demands of professional and broadcast operators.

02 - Distributors


High Resolution Graphic Distributor

INBOX-8 PLUS is a computer and workstation graphic signals distributor with one input and eight outputs.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN101 is a birectional RS232/Ethernet 10 baseT converter.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


4 Dry Contacts RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN102 permits the command, by LAN or by RS232 serial line, of 4 low power relays.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


8 Schuko Sockets RS232 / LAN Interface

LIN103 allows the command by LAN or by RS232 serial line of 8 SCHUKO SOCKETS.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


1x6 Video & Audio Distribution Amplifier

SP105 is a distribution amplifier for video and balanced audio signals.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


32x32 Audio Matrix

The TZ32A unit is a 32x32 audio stereo matrix with balanced inputs and outputs.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


32x32 Video Matrix

The TZ32V unit is an extremely flexible 32x32 video matrix, programmable directly from the customer.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


5x1 Video & Audio Switcher

TZVA05 is a mechanical video and audio switcher with 5 inputs.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


10x1 Video & Audio Switcher

TZVA10 is a mechanical video and audio switchers with 10 inputs.

08 - RS232/LAN Interfaces


8x7 +1 Y/C & Audio Matrix

The TZY08 unit is a two-level 8x7 Y/C signals and stereo audio matrix with fixed preview outputs.


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