TZL 200

The TZL200 converts the standard TV signal (PAL, NTSC, Y/C, RGBS o YUV) into a high resolution RGBHsVs graphic signal. It can be used to enhance image quality in the case of video projection or monitor display. The possibility of selecting among 10 video inputs with related associated audio makes the TZL200 very useful in the multi-media presentations.

  • 10 inputs with associated audio
  • Wide range of corrections and adjustments
  • Mixable Microphone input
  • Video/audio mute function
  • OSD
  • Maintenance of settings
  • Fully controlled by PC
  • IR control

PC software & protocol


Inputs 3 CVBS with BNC 3 Y/C with mini-DIN 3 PC (bypass) with HDD 15 p. f.

1 RGBS with BNC

Output high resolution RGBHsVs with HDD 15 p. f.
Sync level TTL, Horiz. 31 kHz, Vert. 50 Hz
Sync polarity selectable

SETTINGS (by OSD or software control)

Picture size adjustment
Pan image
Gamma correction
Luminance, Contrast, Saturation
Hue (NTSC only)
Audio / video controls
Advanced function
Image enhancement
Filters and special effects

Inputs 10 stereo RCA outlet
Input coupling AC, unbalanced
Input impedance 47 Kohm
Input level +11 dBm max
Gain -0.5 dB
Frequency response -1 dB from 40 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk 60 dB at 5 KHz
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