TZM 423

The TZM883 unit is an 8X8 matrix for VGA/XGA signals with associated stereo audio. It can manage signals in component Y,CB,CR or RGBS with negative TV synchronism at 75W. It can be controlled using the built-in keyboard, by a computer with RS232 serial interface or using a remote universal keyboard with RS422 interface.

  • Switching in the frame interval for Y, CB, CR or RGBS

  • Programmable preview on output 8

  • Only RGBHV, only AUDIO, AFV

  • Control using RS232

  • 8 presets that can be accessed from computer, 7 from keyboard


Input 8, RGBHV or YUV or RGBS (TV) with BNC
Input coupling DC
Input impedance 75 ohm
Crosstalk (worst case) 50 dB at 40 MHz
Bandwidth 250 MHz
Outputs 8, independent with BNC
  • H+V separated, TTL level, High Z
  • Comp. on H TTL level, High Z
  • Comp. TV on H  0.3-2Vpp neg. 75 ohm

Input type AC, unbalanced with Phoenix screwtype, removable
Input impedance 22 Kohm
Input level +11 dBm max
Output impedance 220 ohm
Frequency response -0.5 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk (worst case) 72 dB at 16 KHz
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