TZM 443

The TZM443 unit is a 4X4 matrix for RGBHV signals with combined audio. 
The TZM443 can be accessed by integrated keyboard, by computer through RS232 or RS485 and by IR control.

  • Swithing “thiough blank” with user adj. time
  • Keypad-programmable preview output
  • Customizable default configuration
  • 4 presets that can be recalled via keypad, 8 from RS232
  • Only RGBHV, only AUDIO, AFV
  • Control using RS232, RS485, IR
  • IR remote control (optional)

  PC software & protocol

   pdf2-1613408 User manual  

Input 4, VGA/XGA, RGB or YUV analog
700 mVpp with HDD 15 p. f.
Input coupling DC
Input impedance 75 ohm
Crosstalk (worst case) 65 dB at 10 MHz
Bandwidth 400 MHz
Outputs 4, indipendent with HDD 15 p. f.
Synchronism H+V separated, TTL level, high Z

Input coupling AC, unbalanced with RCA socket
Input impedance 10 Kohm
Input level +11 dBm max
Output impedance 150 ohm
Frequency response 0,1 dB from 3 Hz to 600 KHz
Crosstalk (worst case) 70 dB at 15 KHz
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