The TZX 08 unit is a matrix designed to switch Y/C, audio and IR (Infrared from remote control) signals. It features 8 inputs and 7 outputs (zone). It can be controlled from its keypad, from a computer with RS232 serial interface and using an infrared remote control. The possibility of switching IR signals permits decentralized control of DVD reader, satellite decoders and VCR systems located in the machine room. From each zones it’s also possible to choice the source and adjust its volume through the own IR control of TZX 08.

  • Fixed preview output for source monitoring

  • Built-in loudspeaker for audio monitoring

  • Separate switching of video, audio and IR.

  • Audio level adjustment for each output (zone)

  • 8 recallable presettings

  • Infrared remote control

PC software & protocol


Input type Ac coupled
Frequency response -0.3 dB at 5 MHz -1 dB at 10 MHz

-3 dB at 20 MHz

Crosstalk (worst case) t.b.d
Hum & Noise -70 dB unweighted

Input type AC, unbalanced with RCA socket
Input impedance 10 Kohm
Input level 11 dB max (600 ohm)
Output impedance 150 ohm
Frequency response -0.5 dB from 3 Hz to 600 KHz
Harmonic distortion < 0.3% from 20 Hz to 20 KHz at +6 dBm
Hum & Noise -75 dBm unweighted
Crosstalk (worstcase) t.b.d.
VCA on outputs From MUTE to 99% (33 steps)

Input type AC or TTL, internally selectable
Input impedance Low or High, internally selectable
Output type Low impedance, able to drivr IR leds


Main input 230 Vac / 115 Vac rear panel selectable
Power consumption 10 VA
Size (WxDxH) 440 x 220 x 132,5 mm
Weight 6.0 Kg
Operating temper. range 0 – 45 °C
Safety according to EN60065
EMC according to EN55103-1 and EN55103-2


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